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Relocating is part of our lives now: globalization, new work and new personal goals make us live more flexible and less settled. homefully was created with the vision of a world where we share the feeling of home anywhere, together.

The feeling of home requires more than a fully equipped flat. That’s why we focus on bringing the right people together and put a lot of effort into our matching process. Your roommates should be an asset, not a burden.

Creating homes on demand

Hood News

On Instagram we tell you what's up in your neighborhood, so you will easily find the good local spots and todos for a quick transition from a tourist into a local. In the future we’ll also offer easy access to mobility, gyms and whatever you might need to get started in your new city.

“Moving to a new city is exhausting as it is, finding a flat should be easy, online and hassle-free.”

Still not Growing up

But growing fast

homefully started just a few years ago with our first co-living flat in Frankfurt. Today we rent rooms to 950+ tenants, expanding fast all over Europe. We believe that co-living can fully unfold into an alternative concept for living and we are the spearhead driving things forward. There is still a lot to do for us: How can we improve the co-living experience for our tenants? What can we do to make the whole process of booking and moving even smoother? We are on it. And since it’s our vision we really love to do so.

Like to grow with us?

We are always looking for investors and partners, who believe in co-living and want to grow with us.
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